YUAN Initial Distribution

With more and more integrations coming in for USDx, having whitelisted LP from debasing and YUAN release around the corner, I wanted to discuss YUAN’s initial distribution.

I would like to suggest these options to get a discussion going:

1. Initial YUAN gets sold to the public at market price.
As Robert suggested here, this would mean the initial distribution is 1:1 backed, providing a floor of stability for YUAN marketcap to grow from there.

2. Initial YUAN gets distributed only/mainly to USDx LP providers.
Considering USDx has been in negative rebase for several days in a row and with only 200k USDx in the LP, we could definitely use an incentive to buy USDx and provide liquidity. Rewarding LP providers with YUAN could be an incentive to get us back in positive rebase and increase USDx liquidity.

3. A combination of both.
Eg. 50% YUAN sold to the public, 50% distributed to LP providers.

Personally I would benefit most if YUAN was distributed amongst SHARE holders, but I don’t see how that would help the protocol at the moment.

I also fail to see how distributing YUAN to xBond holders would be beneficial for the protocol. It could lead to more xBonds being minted, locking up more USDx, but I don’t believe this would help in the long run.

Now I am not 100% up to date on all developments and also quite new to the whole DeFi space, I scanned the other Gov. threads and TG groups, but please forgive me if I overlooked or misunderstood something.

I think YUAN should be dropped (or farmed? :thinking:) to LPs, Shares and xBonds
Every part of DP should benefit from new coin, not only LPs.

I don’t know if giving the initial Yuan distribution only to Liquidity Providers would be a good thing, giving that they are at the moment only a small portion of investors in the protocol.
We clearly want to incentivize people to provide more liquidity, thats clear, but giving the distribution only/mainly to this pool would only pump the USDX price in the short term. What happens after could be people selling their USDX once again, as this incentive vanishes.

My opinion is that all of the 3 pools should benefit from the Yuan distribution, perhaps not equally but all 3 pools are a necessary part of the DP ecosystem and therefore should benefit. If you want Liquidity Providers to benefit most there could be a distribution of 40% to LP, 30% to Shareholders and 30% to Xbonds. That still would be a big advantage for LP given that this pool is so small in comparison to Share/Xbond.

Maybe you can airdrop it to all, who used dollar protocol before.

I like the idea of it going to all DP participants - perhaps waited to USDx - all should benefit given the loyality and risk-taking undertaken so far

All 3 should should get it but LP some bigger % maybe ?
Like 40% LP 30% share and 30% bonds?
Or 50-25-25 .