xBOND withdrawal plan

Hi there

I thought about the issue of xBOND not being liquid enough to redeem 100% of your xBOND.

So I came up with the following plan.

We can keep the current redemption of xbond as it is and introduce xbond withdrawal:

  1. allow people to redeem all their xbond in 4 withdrawal request of 25% each.
  2. each withdrawal request will lock 25% of their xbond which will not accrue any rewards.
  3. withdrawal request will only be processed after 3 days of waiting.
  4. one can only have one withrawal request at a time.
  5. withdrawal request is only allowed during positive rebases.
  6. claiming of withdrawal rewards are only allowed during positive rebases.

this should allow people to withdraw 100% of capital progressively.

it is based on peoples decision, so i am not expecting huge withdrawal at the same time by all the xbond holders.

Gas will not be a problem as one can wait for the Gas to go down before submitting a withdrawal request.

Suggestion and constructive criticism is welcomed


I like this idea. xBond tiers is also good. Something needs to be done for xBond, way too stagnant right now.