xBond Liquidtiy mining is needed

We need a reward system to help raising up the xBond-Eth liquidity. Is there any timeline about impove this problem?
And as far as I can see, the mint and redeem xBond contract is not deployed yet right? Any time about this one?

I think the USD/USDC incentive is a dead pool, if we took that 13.33% and moved it to xBOND/ETH, then we could make an interesting market dynamic

I agree with you. With my opinion, the system without xBond pair is less intergrity.

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100% agree with this but would prefer the half of pairing on xBOND be stablecoin. xBOND/USDC etc.

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agreen xbond should be paired to USDC

Creating xBOND pool will bring back the death spiral.

People will dump their xBOND very hard when they see a negative rebase is approaching. Then there will not be much interest to buy USD to mint xBOND during negative rebase.

Hoping that people will just buy USD and lock it in bond, just to save themselves from negative rebase is not enough. People may just dump USD instead of locking in xBOND.

I think protocol is working fine with its current model. Please don’t add xBOND pool so early on. We can discuss this when we have grown enough to create trust among xBOND holders so they don’t dump it before negative rebase.

I think an xbond liquidity pool could have some serious negative unintended consequences as discussed. That being said, you could alter the positive/negative rebase to improve xbond liquidity. So for example, a 0.99 is negative rebase, 1 is neutral, and 1.01 is positive should increase the frequency where you can withdraw USD from xbonds.

I agree with yunas and tai. The system is balanced right now; don’t need more speculation on xbond. When and if it goes neg and the ratio resets, people can make their moves. I also agree that possibly changing the pos/neg rebase numbers could be helpful. This should be a separate discussion.