USDF Gaia Mint price does not match market price

Hey @Robert

Congrats on successfully launching new Gaia/USDF.

I believe there is something wrong with the price that the protocol uses for minting and redeeming usdf.

When trying to mint usdf, this is what’s quoted


however the true price on uniswap is currently 20% higher


I’ve been looking at minting USDF for the past couple of days and always the price disparity is 10% or higher.

Unless I’m mistaken, this needs to be rectified immediately as this will impact the buy and burn usage for Gaia.

Re: the Gaia/Eth pool. Shouldn’t this have the same amount of rewards as USDC/Gaia? Given how much Eth is used, doesn’t make sense to have the eth/gaia pool be illiquid


Thanks for putting this detailed post together. Let’s include these changes in the proposed scope of updates needed. Please DM me on telegram and I’ll delegate my votes to support a proposal to use resources to complete the updates.