UI Issues When Withdrawing Lp

Hey Robert,

A lot of community members are complaining that they are experiencing UI issues and they cannot withdraw. It seems like the UI isn’t reading that they have staked their LP. Not sure if there is some sort of server issue but just giving a heads up.


Another Issue being reported is redeeming collateral with USDF

“ hey! I’m having some issue with withdrawing after unwrapping my usdf. it’s been well over an hour and have tried multiple times, but every withdraw transaction seems to fail with ‘SafeMath: subtraction overflow’. any idea what’s happening?”

The subtraction is now fixed. As for withdrawing LP usually it takes a couple seconds to get the user staked amount. We’re working on improving the user wait times!

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Awesome, thanks for the update.

Another reported bug:

“ could you reach out to the devs about the GAIA/ETH Pool issue? It doesnt show the GAIA rewards, just " - " If i look at vfat i can find my rewards…”

Also fixed now :slight_smile: