Tokenomics is not the problem, use case is the problem

So, as USD and Share enter into a death spiral, we have lot of people offering suggestions on how to save the death spiral by modifying some aspect of the tokenomics.

To me this is not really the problem.

The theory of DP, is that we have two tokens, 1) USD is a stablecoin 2) SHARE is a speculative token.

What is happening right now is that both tokens are speculative tokens because the USD stablecoin has no utility as a stablecoin because there are no stablecoin usecases, no borrowing, lending, trading, etc…

If you want to save the project, USD must have a non-speculative use case, and since nobody is offering to build that use case, it will have to be internal.

First off speculation and trading are the same thing, everything else makes 0 sense, how is lending going to magically change the way the protocol works and make it stable.

the only way that adds to the stability is that it incentivises large borrowers/lenders to manipulate the price in their favor which amounts to more trading

tl;dr the protocol has to work on it own, before anybody wants to use it