Roadmap/Protocol Improvements List

Hi Everyone,

Here is a list/reference of upcoming/possible and completed protocol changes/upgrades that have been discussed and proposed by the community and developers (Robert).

In progress

Add Yuan/EURO stablecoins

Thread - [Discussion] Yuan and Euro Stablecoin

Status - Discussion phase. :rotating_light:Important vote ongoing :rotating_light:

Treasury Reserve

Thread - [Proposal] Implement Dollar Protocol "Treasury Reserve"

Status - Discussion phase. Testing ongoing

Adding deflation to SHAREs

Thread - [Proposal] Seigniorage Deflation

Status - Discussion phase.

Increase Rebase Frequency

Thread - [Proposal] Increase rebase functionality to every 12 hours

Status - Discussion phase.

Add Multi-Sig wallet for protocol changes

Thread - [Discussion] Multisig wallets signers

Status - Discussion phase

Add BOND token

Thread - [Proposal] Third Token Addition (BOND)

Status - Discussion phase.


Remove USD rewards from mining

Thread - [Proposal] Suspension / Removal of USD rewards from Mining

Status - Vote passed and implemented. :white_check_mark:

Hire a marketing professional

Thread - [Proposal] set aside budget to hire a marketing professional

Status - Resolved

Modify SHARE Discount Rate

Thread - [Proposal] Modified Discount Rate

Status - Vote passed. :white_check_mark: Implemented

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