Rebase lag revert

early on, we implemented an “algorithmic” rebase lag.

this was done to prevent share dilution during the early days.

however, now that SHARE is deflationary, an algorithmic rebase doesn’t make much sense.

In particular, it gives a very large rebase lag to negative rebases, which which decreases the amount of USD to burn. I think we all agree that removing USD is very important during negative rebases.

We propose to change the rebase lag to a constant factor (like 30), which means the rebase lag is a 30 day moving average (roughly).

As long as you don’t lose the admin keys this time I’m all for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good but why 30?

It sounds like that number was chosen at random.

What do other elastic protocols use?

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rebase lag is 10 for AMPL AND YAM