[Proposal] Suspension / Removal of USD rewards from Mining

That’s great and that should be the priority. And we need to wait for results before moving to other ideas.

The code has some regression from the deployed version it seems (performance and naming convention). I must say that I don’t get why transfert has a uniqueAddresses modifier.

did some testing on this rospten code: seems to work; https://ropsten.etherscan.io/tx/0x526ecb0b15707ec096526c924a9d9560d1a8ffab4a6567cc00b68f3888d13139

I very much agree with your point that simply destroying $USD will not benefit the system, and some of these $USD are also rewards for liquidity miners who have not withdrawn $share. I think we can learn how to deal with this part of the $yam repository. USD, then combined with $PICKLE’s concept of making stablecoins more stable, and upgraded the system.

I understand your concerns very well. Yes, the more complex the system will be, the higher the risk. Can we adopt a modular and gradual update method to finally reach a reasonable solution.

However, this requires us to think of the final plan in advance, and then use it as the goal to divide the update into several parts and complete it gradually.

Hi all, tentatively if this passes, we will merge this into production Monday 5:30pm UTC. Please consider claiming your rewards before then.


Closed because this has been merged into updated contracts

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