[Proposal] Modified Discount Rate

1% discount rate increase may be too small, we propose increasing this to 5% a day.

The goal is to increase the amount of USD burned for SHARE per day, to help contract the money supply.


I think the discount rate should not be fixed. it should be dynamic. something like the following

if USD price is above .75 but less than .95 then discount rate should be 1%.
if USD price is above .5 but less than .75 then discount rate should be 3%.
if USD price is less than .5 then discount rate should be 5%.

Love it. Let’s do it.

It’s the early days and given the unusual circumstances, it is important to speed up the process to prove the system works.

This will bring the dollar back to its peg.

an interesting idea is to apply the f(x) = x^2 function. thus is USD is $1.1, 1 SHARE = $1.21.

if USD is $0.9, then SHARE = $0.81.

Although at this point, you may as well have a separate coin to represent this

That’s a good idea. What about making the % increase exponential vs linear?

Also v interesting, open to this if you think it’s a good solution

@Robert can suggest the best calculation. i am not sure which one will do better, linear or exponential. but my main point was to make it dynamic and increase it based on the distance the price has from $1.

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Definitely in agreement there.

exponential increase makes the speculation and discount exciting

This design is great, the formula can be adjusted through testing

good idea :smiley:I gree yunus

IMO something like a invers bond-curve should be better .
like the NXM /aaveghst/ PERP curve but inverse
and which we also need a chart for it :grinning:

Hello! Loving the activity in this forum. What about a discount rate system that also considers if there were unburned USD left in last rebase? So let’s say you have [current discount rate] + ( [current discount rate] * [unburned USD %] ). Of course that would be very inflationary discount rate and could cause death of project with it being so high but maybe that would be direction where to go with it at least? Thanks to the team for the great work so far :slight_smile:

Now that we’ve removed USD from the mining contracts. When do you think we could vote on this proposal? I think speeding up the negative rebase % would go a long way to bringing us back to $1 faster.

I think someone can put it up for a vote!

Sounds good. Will do.

It is best to have an expert who understands actuarial analysis for this, but before that, I think I can make a vote.

I created a snapshot vote asking SHARE holders whether they want to modify the discount rate from 1% daily to 5% daily. https://snapshot.page/#/dollar-protocol/proposal/QmS2PRLZWRzEt37uvvtsHfB37F5sKg7WKUrFULpdSSXLrs

Voting has now ended and “Yes” has won with 100% of the votes. Thank you to all who participated! @Robert will now let us know when this protocol change will be implemented.


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