Proposal - enable treasury to re-emburse gas spent triggering rebases

With the recent vote that passed to usher in a treasury, it seems ideal to socialise the cost of the gas required to trigger the rebases since the community has to do it manually.

Therefore the proposal who be to, say once a month, send ETH to the wallet addresses who spent gas triggering rebases.
Re-embursing immediately would be too costly since we’re spending gas to send small amounts of eth around. With once a month (at most) we’re sending out 60 rebases worth of gas.

The treasury is enabled but currently is not collecting any funds as the rate is set to zero. Initial idea was 10% of the positive rebase but nothing has been decided yet. On top of that it only collects revenue during positive rebases. So if this passes, the re-embursements would come, but only after a rate is set, and the USD is above $1

  • Use treasury funds to re-emburse people who spend gas triggering the rebase functionality
  • No change, people who trigger rebases pay the gas themselves out of their own pockets

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Why not award a certain allocation of shares to each address that triggers the rebase.

Because the current treasury idea has the treasury accumulating ETH.
In the lastest discussions on the topic I believe the treasury gets USD from positive rebases and then sells it to get ETH, which also pushes down USD back to peg.
Gas is paid for with ETH so it makes sense that way.

The problem can be solved in the future by using

Using that costs $ doesn’t it?
If so who pays?

Oh yeah, it’s the same cost more or less. It’s just easier to manage.