[Proposal] Enable discount USD when redeeming SHARE during positive rebases

During negative rebases there is an incentive to burn usd (which pushes USD price upwards back to $1), that incentive is cheap share with a discount that increases each rebase until we reach positive rebase

However during positive rebases, there is no similar incentive to burn share or mint usd. If you redeem share (burn share and get usd) it is a $ for $ swap effectively and therefore not much of an incentive.

It would make sense to do the exact opposite in positive rebases as it is during negative rebases, that is, offer a discount on USD.

This would encourage burning of shares (pushes share price up) and would mint USD (pushes USD price down via inflation)

Coding this change would be low risk, we’re not re-inventing anything, just re-using what we are already doing in negative rebases, which has worked to pull us out of negative rebases 3 times since re launch

The only difference I can see is that during re launch, both tokens were at low prices and we wanted both of them to go up in value. Now USD is roughly $1 so we don’t want it to drop too much by inflation, but at the same time we want to generate value for SHARE holders, so we need to encourage burning. Balancing the discount will take some work.

What are your thoughts on this?

Agree, totally makes sense. Actually I thought it should have been done this way, was surprised there is no discount for SHARE burn.