Proposal Criteria

To engage in any useful discussion, proposal posts cannot simply just include a raw suggestion of a change without a descriptive explanation of the rationale, problem statement and implications.

For serious proposals we need a description of 1) What the current problem is; 2) What causes the current problem (with some level of evidence where possible; 3) What might be a more ideal end state; and 4) What suggested changes may be implemented to meet such an end state.

This should be a minimum for creating a proposal; if the author has not invested the rigour in understanding the problem and making well-thought arguments with clear basis, it should not be expected to result in any constructive discussion.

Without the aforementioned points, most threads become a battle of arbitrary opinion and not one that comprises clear thought with motivation.

I suggest that we create a proposal template as a new topic type that encourages writers to think before proposing in order to maintain high-quality discussion that remains on-topic and to the point. We want to avoid as much arbitrary opinion-based discussion as possible and tend towards a world where points are made based on something concrete. The proposal template can loosely follow the set of points I listed above but let’s open this for discussion.