[Proposal] Change name of USD to ProtoDollar, Share to ProtoShare

I am proposing a change of the name of the two tokens in the dollar protocol. I am not really fixed on the new name and welcome suggestions, but I am quite certain that the name needs to be changed away from the current USD and SHARE.

In marketing, you want a unique name to brand yourself, the name USD means something else completely and dollar protocol will never usurp the meaning of that term.

Also, when a user searches for the name on uniswap.info, coingecko and any other search engines, they are bombarded with other tokens that start with the same letters, i.e. USDC, USDT, etc…

The name protodollar has two meanings;

  1. It’s an anagram of the name of the protocol, dollar protocol.

  2. the prefix “proto” means original, or first, so it signifies a superior version of the dollar.

  • Keep USD/SHARE
  • Change to ProtoDollar/ProtoShare
  • Change Name to something else

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I think possibly changing USD to USDX would be a good idea because then we can make cash tags on Twitter and things of that nature.

As far as SHARE I think it’s fine. Just my 2 sats

Yeah I’m ok with share, but USD needs to change.

What about DPD? Dollar protocol dollar?

The short code is catchy but the name not so much lol

I’ll think some more

So PUSD and SHARE as token? Not super excited but why not.

Not easy to name things.

USDX is a bad idea because coingecko and others simply rename every small United States Dollar related projects to USDX. X means unknown.

DUSD and DSHARE will be OK :wink:

isnt DUSD already taken

The name should preferably produce unique hashtag, easy to be sorted out in the middle of a myriad of other coins tweets. Like $DPUSD and $DPSHARE or other unique hashtag.