[Proposal] Burn 96.667% shares to bring in new investors

To bring in new investors, we must provide incentives to buy USD. If we do not burn, no one comes, and shares goes to $0.001. If we burn, we can pump it to $1 in 5 mins.

The most simple and effective way is to burn existing shares. As long as we can maintain 1%-2% daily return+ for new investors, we can expect much larger market cap with consecutive positive rebases.

Marketing plans are useless unless daily return are good.

I propose to burn down to 500k shares which is equal amount of the circulating USD.

So do we do a 97% debase every time SHARE undergoes a negative death spiral? This sets a dangerous precedent in my opinion and is an extreme solution to a problem that will still be there. There will be enough incentive to buy SHARE when we revert to V1 seigniorage. I think that is enough for the short term. The short comings of SHARE will still need to be addressed though

I think the better outcome here is to rebase supply to 100k tokens and then place a hard cap to prevent further inflation.

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The problem is not tokenomics, which are fine. The problem is that the stablecoin USD has no actual use cases beyond speculation right now.

Just make something like 10000 shares exchanged to 1 usd or something on positive rebases until we get back to normal. Similar to crazy generation during negative rebases.

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