Proposal - automating negative rebases

Currently we have 69k USD available to burn for cheap share.

Thing is it’s been that number for the last 3 rebases it seems. It should be going up. More USD should be available to burn to bring us back to peg

No one is hitting the rebase button on the website to trigger a rebase

Solution 1
Remove the time window and allow anyone at anytime to call rebase. If it isn’t called before the next rebase, hitting the button effectively does 2 rebases and adds twice the amount of USD to burn to the total

Solution 2
The negative rebase function is tied in with moving share and USD around like positive rebases are. As soon as someone moves their tokens and rebase hasn’t been called, it gets called.

  • remove time window for clicking rebase
  • keep things as they are

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Ok for 1. Solution is to gas intensive for someone just moving token.

I think a rebase should be able to be called until the next rebase. If it doesn’t get pressed before the next rebase then it just doesn’t happen.

It’s the same as during positive rebases isn’t it? Move share means share gets burnt and USD gets minted.

Same thing isn’t it?

Why don’t you want rebases to stack?

Technical complexity. Think of having one rebase be negative and the next be positive. I could see this causing unnecessary complexity for coding. I’m not against the concept as a whole but doubt @Robert would want to implement this.

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I feel a rebase if more expensive. But making complex logic when you move USD or SHARE is not a good idea in all cases.

Also a negative rebase could be enough to solve the issue and then you end up with 5 negative rebase, when the first one is enough. Especially when the rebase lag is only 5.

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Yep ok, agree, 1 rebase, no stacking

But the time window needs to go.

Ive added a poll for option 1, removing the time window in which we have to click the rebase button
Removing it will mean we have 12 hours to click it, rather than a few minutes or whatever it is now

option 1 is need if the protocol got negative rebase the delta value of USD should and supposed to be open for the user to burn at some % discount
future more shounld the discount percent be related directly to to USD TWAP priority to the time which IMO might work better to incentive the buying pressure FIFS and also help the USD price to its peg