Mint XBond at 1:1 during neutral rebases

As we’re still in a phase where USDx expansion is crucial, I wonder what the implications of allowing users to Bond at 1:1 USD also during neutral rebases could be? In my view, it may help for a more steady expansion and would increase USD buy pressure even during epochs that in current state are exclusively stagnating the protocol. This post aims at outlining pros and cons of such change.

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Disagree, this would only be a temporarily boost at best. It would severely impact xBond minting during positive rebases (basically to zero). I still think introducing a time-based xBond system might be best suggested alternative currently Multi-Term XBond.

Isn’t this what he’s suggesting? That it’s a temporary measure to boost expansion for now. I would argue that bonding minting during positive is basically almost zero now anyway.

My bad if it’s only a temporary change. However, my point regarding xBond minting is still valid. This suggestion would be similar to the current reduction of the neutral range. But this suggestion would probably see less negative rebases than a tighter neutral range (which might be a bit safer). Can’t really say anything before the change is executed in a few days.