Launch EUR ASAP to showcase the full potential of this project to the broader crypto community

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We all know that dollar protocol is not like any other stable coin projects like ESD, DSD or BAC. but new people are not able to see its potential due to the fact that we only have one stable coin $USD in our system. what makes DP different than other projects is that it is truly a multi asset system.

I think if we launch $EUR and have two stable coins (USD and EUR) in the system. We can improve the system to work as a multi asset protocol. then we will surely prove to the broader crypto community that we are different than others.

This helps us build a multi asset system and will help other realise the true potential of this project.

I understand that Robert and few others are suggesting that we should wait till USD has achieved some arbitrary market cap before launching EUR. but i think a multi asset system is different than a single asset system. multi asset will have its own challenges. if we truly aspire to build a multi asset system then its better to start as a multi asset system as soon as we can. so that we dont get any unexpected issues when we launch other assets.

Launching EUR will also help USD and SHARE as people will realise that its going to be huge when both stable coins work as expected.

So lets prepare a roadmap and ETA for launching EUR ASAP.

Suggestions and constructive criticisms are welcomed.

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Totally agree,

I live in a country where we use € and to be abbe to have a stablecoin in € would be a great improvement,

100% agree with this. I think multi-currencies is a key differentiator of this platform and more obvious to the general crypto market.

Would we then have USD-EUR pools to do FX?

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hey I just got banned from the telegram chat for letting the group know about some new competitors I found. thought it would be helpful to know, was booted without a word. didn’t know where else to post. would like back in if I’m gonna stay invested in this.

I dont agree to this, as currently we are lacking demand, and i think keeping now USDx until it reaches enough people is the way to go. Issuing EURx now would assume that we hope that new people will come, which is a quite risky assumption and could lead to instant fail of EUR due to lack of demand. I think by building up marketcap for USDx and making it more popular among the community is a sustainable way. Afterwards issuing EURx will be a catalyst for onboarding even more people as it could act as the new possibility to enter Dollar Protocol for whales and benefit out of the system, like early supporters did with USDx.

Building up community will just be possible with marketing. As i saw in the forum there are already some initiatives for this.

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Agreed. It’s hard enough getting traction for one algo stablecoin, let alone 2. Not to mention the fact that there is very little demand for EUR trading pairs in crypto compared to USD. The main long term reason for algo stablecoins is to give people an alternative to centralized / collateralized stablecoins or ideally replace them altogether. Lets get USDx working properly and then think about other currencies.

I would wait a bit until we are stronger

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