Introduce cooldown period for unstaking from LP

Hi There

I have seen people getting out of LP instantly and ready to dump their USD as soon as there is a pump after the negative rebase.

There was incentive to mint xbond 1:1 with USD during negative rebase and USD price went to 1.3 but then people came out of LP and started selling which pushed us back to 1.1, if there was a cooldown period to get out of LP then price could have gone to 1.5 or so. but that did not happen due to sell pressure.

xbond incentive will only help if the pump after the negative rebase is sustainable atleast for few rebases. for that to happen we need to decrease sell pressure.

So i propose that we introduce a cooldown period to get out of LP. so this will make sure one needs to decide before any expected pump to get out of LP. it should help prevent people coming out of LP instantly and start dumping on any pump.

So please set LP token minimum staking time to 0 and exit lockup to 24 hours. So its kind of the reverse of what’s implemented.