Gov: Revert to v1 with ampl debase

It seems to me that changes for daily discounts is helpful but hard to kickstart organic demand for share. Mining already produces share so no real incentive to redeem said share unless an outside actor values them.

Since all USD users are speculative anyways right now, I propose that we revert to automatic seigniorage with no share burn.

During negative rebases, instead of burning share, usd will be debased like AMPL.

Share circulation remains unchanged (fixed supply).

This creates an interesting short term game that maybe can kickstart demand for share. Once share has more demand in the future, we can perhaps switch to a more manual burn and redeem process.

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So during positive rebases…USD is not subject to AMPL rebase and is given to share holders instead?

Does this come with a one-time Share deflation? Otherwise, there is low incentive to buy USD for mining.

I am for this change. If we aren’t changing the tokenomics for SHARE then i think reverting to V1 seigniorage is the only way to resuscitate life back into SHARE. The market will buy it up during positive rebase unlike what we are seeing right now. At least there is incentive for a SHARE holder.

Debasing USD during negative rebase is tricky but it might be a good trade off for giving SHARE a fixed supply. I think we should put this to a vote as a short term solution until we find a more permanent one

What is your opinion on our two proposals? We decided to increase the revenue expectation of $share, prompting holders of $share and those who have not purchased $share to increase their desire to hold or purchase, which may bring good effects to the system. Why don’t you adopt it? Can you tell me your concerns and thoughts?

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I like this proposal, as it renews incentive to hold share. Will vote in favor of this.

I also think this will help create demand for SHARE.

a fixed supply for SHARE and no burn will definitely help it. But before doing this you may need to bring down the current circulating supply of SHARE by doing a debase on SHARE.

Will those USD in LP would be fine with USD debase? You need to think about what will happen to USD in LP when you debase.