Global USD interest rates during neg. rebase

Under the current system, only SHARE holders take the risk during negative rebases. USD holders have little downside other than breaking the peg for an extended period of time.

It should not have taken 11 negative rebases for enough USD to be burned or put into LP to drive prices higher.

I propose that we impose a 1% negative interest rate tax on USD during each negative rebase. This would apply to all USD not in LP contracts or other contracts we vote on for whitelisting.

Negative rates will help push USD holders to burn, rather than simply hold their USD on the sidelines waiting for SHARE prices to tank during the supply inflation.

Both types of token holders should share in the risk, not just SHARE holders.

ahhhh, OK dude i totally misunderstood what you were talking about in telegram. This actually does make a lot of sense. I’m not quite sure i agree with any form of negative rebase but I don’t necessarily think this is a bad idea