Functionality to Opt out of Rebase (SHARE)

At some point, SHARE users may wish to vote (either on snapshot or in a compound-esque onchain vote).

It would be bad to see these users get their voting power burned if they are only interesting in holding and voting.

A solution is to add a function to “bind” Share, which prevents it from receiving positive rebases. When a Share is “bound”, it cannot be transferred, but can be used to vote.

When you want to transfer the Shares again, you can “unbind” and subsequently move your Shares and experience rebases again.


lets vote with SHARE-ETH LP tokens =) thats incentive to stake in pool + you dont benefit from USD positive rebase in that pool anyway

Love this idea. Definitely an important feature for users interested in long term governance.

Clever work around

Only consideration would be gas costs in and out

Perhaps allow a choice. Vote using LP tokens or share?

Would prefer it to be inert SHARE (or both) because some ppl don’t want to expose themselves to impermanent loss but still participate.

Currently, the liquidity of Share-eth is too low. The reason is that users who provide liquidity cannot obtain rebase, but this will not be conducive to the repair of share value. Therefore, it is recommended that share-eth liquidity providers obtain rebase when the $usd is positive.

Using ETH-SHARE pool does the trick but that expose to losses. You can be long SHARE but short ETH.

Adding a new token is again adding more complexity. Let see how the positive rebase work for some time before adding new stuff again.

anyone who is code saavy, check out the PR for “locking” your account.

locked accounts will not receive USD seigniorage, or experience SHARE burns. The USD/SHARE can still be freely traded.

would appreciate feedback on the code AND the concept. Curious if there are any ways to game the system using this proposed functionality…

So how do we lock it? The so-called long-term holder, I hope to participate in the receive USD seigniorage when the value of $share is high enough