Dollar Protocol Manual

I’ve tried to follow longer discussions here on TG so far, for me it’s not really possible. There’s so much knowledge in those posts which is kind of lost because of the huge amount of content posted every day. People new to DP can easily be confused with this pile of information.

If we want that people understand DP - the game - and start “playing” it on a regular basis, they need to feel comfortable to understand the rules and potential outcome of their playing. And Dollar Protocol with its different strategies is the beauty of a game, a possible life changing game for some.

In my opinion a successful game must be dead simple or needs a good manual and this is a 1st proposal for an index:

  • Goal of the game - well simple, gain wealth
  • What all the fancy words mean
  • The rules and the different players/elements of the game and how they play together
  • Different basic short/longtime strategies
  • Do’s and Dont’s

I would be happy to be part of a workgroup to let this thing happen. Any other who thinks this makes sense?

PS: I’m not an English native, but I could then make a German version out of it.

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I’d like to join you in a workgroup. I think this is a good idea. I’ve also been saving bits of info from the TG discussions since the v1 days. There are some existing documents that other members have put together that need to be updated. I suggest we start with what we have already and add a Wiki page in this forum to host all the content you have outlined above. Happy to help.

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I made a TG group the other day to discuss DP related stuff, should we use it for discussion? Maybe there’s help from other people too? How you like… it’s dp_addon

This is very meaningful to support your work, so as to attract more retail investors to join the DP project and understand the system faster.

check this out and if you have some proposals feel free. Swill and I prepared this document. if you want to check it it is in the Telegram: Contact @DPRessources group

I agree wholeheartedly befranz and I would be happy to clean up the english (google translate?)

Did this get implemented? Stalled? Status? Updating needed given the recent changes?