Discussion: remove AMPL/LINK/COMP/YFI pool rewards and send to SHARE-ETH

SHARE-ETH should have more liquidity, comparable to USD-ETH.

AMPL/LINK/COMP/YFI currently have the least participation in the pool. We propose to deprecate these pool rewards and instead route the remaining rewards to SHARE-ETH.


Fine by me.

I’m assuming the pools will stay though? Just that the rewards will stop?

Once the 4 months is up, then they can be removed?

I agree with this plan, and I feel that more incentives should be provided to the $share-$eth pool to increase its liquidity. For example, the $usd when the $share liquidity pool can obtain positive returns

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Now the holders of $share, as the long-term beneficiaries of the project, take risks far greater than the benefits that can be seen. I think this is the reason why the price of $share is much lower than $usd. The reasons for thinking are as follows Three points:

  1. When $usd>1.05, the holder of $share will burn a lot due to the huge price difference of $usd-$share, which brings huge risks to the holder of $share.
  2. When $usd<0.95, the holder of $share suffers the risk of dilution of the proportion caused by additional issuance of $share.
  3. As a long-term holder, the $share holders provide liquidity to the $share-eth pool. They are contributing to the system, but they cannot get the $usd income when $usd>1.05. This makes $share- The depth of eth liquidity is poor, so it is impossible to attract large funds to buy $share.

Wouldn’t it be better to deprecate all pools except USD-ETH and Share-ETH?

The way uniswap works is that it can only route trades through 6 major pairs. See https://medium.com/dfohub/a-black-hole-in-uniswap-v2s-front-end-router-is-draining-the-value-of-tokens-26f5a459b5d7

All of this is a distraction from the core mission of Dollar protocol, if the plan is to decommission those pools at the end of 6 months, what is the point of leaving them in now, focus on the core mission.

What’s the point of leaving them in now?

They are immutable. They can’t be removed yet. We just have to wait.

I agree ,by increasing the weight of SHARE ,it will attract more funds