[Discussion] Multisig wallets signers

The next step in decentralizing is to start the conversation on who the community wants as the multisig signers

I propose a 7 signers with 3 keys given the dollar protocol founders initially. Over time we replace these 3 with other members.

Any decision must have 4/7 keys signed

The other 4 are community members like Rob From compound ETC.

Our entire codebase is audited by certik so all that is left is to find people willing to stake social capital to help decentralized more.

We can host a vote on snapshot for maybe 6 months and see who gets the most votes


I’ll propose rob from compound first

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Great idea. I would suggest individuals that are part of truly decentralized projects rather than users with clout that are semi-decentralized/centralized. Individuals in protocols such as MakerDAO, Compound, Curve, Aave, Synthetix, etc. Lesser community members with high trust would also be fine (don’t have to be CEOs or top of the chain individuals). It is also recommended that they are not anonymous so that they have a reputation as collateral to ensure good behaviour.


I agree we should have multisig, but we should probably start to vote after we reach 50m or 10m market cap.


Eh, anonymity is important for those who want it.

Should legislation pass that deems all stable coins to be security and anyone involved w/running the project is responsible for money laundering and violating security laws, why should they bear all the risk of going to court and jail?

yeah, it’s too early to nominate people. Protocol needs to be bigger and we need to see the judgement of people who participate.