[Discussion] Marketing and Branding Suggestions


  • Website comes across as somewhat pedestrian but is the onramp to new investment; it is the ELEVATOR PITCH to new investment. No one is obligated to buy the product so treat the website as a sales pitch and SELL the prospects on the product.


  • Animations give users the impression of a level of sophistication and thought being applied throughout the project illustrating concepts visually which is very helpful to the average user
    * Update the graphic showing how the protocol works with animation showing the burns and positive rebases occurring in a visually stimulating manner
    * Alternatively add an interesting visualization such as that used on AMPL’s page iterating with a representation of two tokens interacting

    • Simplify the explanations on a landing page emulating AMPL’s approach which is concise and comes across as somewhat elegant https://www.ampleforth.org/; present the more verbose explanations IFF users click through for that detail (despite AMPL being a less sophisticated product, its website gives the impression it is a MORE sophisticated product to the average user)
  • Update the overall aesthetics such as the background to feature a gradient similar to Uniswap’s pink/white background, but perhaps using blue/white (blue signifies trust psychologically while orange/black are Halloween colors)

  • Hire resources to continually improve and innovate the look and feel of the website( these can be had cheaply in certain locales and are probably the best ROI in terms of dev effort); not only is the website the onramp for new investment it should serve to captivate and sustain the accrued user base through the addition of addicting gamification elements to items such as rewards


  • Lack of growth, organic or otherwise leading to downwards pressure with no new influx of funds


  • Organic word of mouth growth relies on having a strong value proposition with clear benefits of the product as well as a solid package to COMMUNICATE those benefits to potential users accordingly, hence the need for a compelling and engaging website that ELEGANTLY communicates features and benefits of the product to the user
    * At a minimum the user should take away the impression of a thoughtfully-conceived, executed, and packaged product even if the benefits aren’t immediately obvious

  • Airdrops to strategic partners ( primarily folks in the crypto space but can even expand to Instagram and other channels during bull run) to promote the tokens

  • Elegantly crafted promotional posts in large groups such as Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Investing and Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mastermind with over 500k users

  • Twitter presence promoting the project

  • Explore strategic partnerships with other projects and institutional clients down the line once tokenomics have sufficiently stabilized


quality post, i agree with everything

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agree with this too, would be great to have someone to concentrate on marketing while the team concentrates on the code

Perhaps usage of a gradients in the icons would be better; the below is just a quick example as a more skilled designer could come up with something better. Note MKR’s usage of gradients in icon/logo. Also, would be good to make the background a subtle gradient as well as has been done by Uniswap rather than just a solid light blue.

Strongly recommend incorporation of visualizations and animations as well as detailed in initial post.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, recommend bringing in a resource or two that specialize in design and iterating through continued improvements. Good design is subtle and nuanced.