[Discussion] Define a standard voting procedure to accept any proposal

Dear Members

i think there needs to be a standard of accepting any proposal. like every proposal should atleast have minimum of 1 week time for voting and there should atleast be 7/10 votes to accept any proposal.

I suggest voting option like the following:

7 Days minimum timing
5% minimum votes from total number of share holders (currently there are around 200 share holders)

What are your thoughts?


I agree for 7 days. We probably need some mandated actor that can move quickly in case of emergency as well.

I’m not sure for the 5% votes. Voting doesn’t cost anything so not voting should be considered like voting abstain.

Currently, I think we miss a lack of structure in the propositions. It’s too broad.

Also having a mandatory pro and cons sections.

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Well said Sebastien, completely agree