Composable Share Token

Share users get airdropped new USDx automatically.

While this has benefits, it reduces the composability of Share. It also confuses some users who cannot see their reward immediately on Etherscan.

We propose adding a staking section to the UI to allow users to stake their Share. What this means practically is that staked Share will now receive benefits. Non-staked share do not receive rewards.

Rewards will be able to be claimed easily with one button.

NOTE: this proposed change still supports multi-asset reward systems.

In addition, Staked share will have a withdraw timelock of 5 epochs, upon which the user can trade their Share or send it.

OffChain Vote: Snapshot

This makes total sense and is in line with standards of other protocols.

If it can be achieved gracefully, one alt idea is a 5 epoch unbond instead of a timelock, so that from the time you want to witdraw it takes 5 epochs, during which time you are not receiving rewards. however I understand there may be technical considerations to implement this with timelock being the least resistance model

This model will as you said
1 - solve the “confusion” issue
2- model most other systems by share lockup and claim button.

As an addendum locked share can still delegate and cast votes.

Locked share only cannot be transferred or traded on decentralized exchanges

Great idea. Should reduce sell pressure for Shares.

Another great idea. Sign me up

Great idea, I like it.

Do you have any thoughts on the composability of locked shares? Locking shares may raise the threshold for users and reduce popularity. Can we allow users to freely choose whether to lock according to the different return rates, for example, holding the share return rate of 5% and locking the share return rate of 15%

giving too many choices ends never well. It is fairly standard to just make lock to get reward. No one will really complain because they will be getting paid and it is standard for all other projects

Not a fan of the staking idea. I enjoy controlling my own coins that are not LP’d. And would the claim charge gas? Either way not a fan of the idea.

Staking doesn’t mean it has to be LP-ed. The proposal here is to stake SHARE not stake SHARE-X LP tokens.

I still don’t really understand the rationale behind this arbitrary 5 epoch lock-up time. I think it introduces more friction than anything else. If the purpose is to avoid last minute pool hopping then I think a simple 1 epoch lock up will do, will it not?

Holders of anything have to decide where they want their funds this epoch, to gain seigniorage or to mine SHARE. Anything more is superfluous unless there’s other intended consequences further than just pool-hop mitigation.

This epoch delay is modifiable vis governance. We will add into selector soon