Change twap Oracle

Currently the twap of the token prices is set to the usd-share pair on uniswap

Thing is uniswap routes all trades via usdeth or share-eth

So when people look at the discount on offer during negative rebases and do they math, they realise it’s cheaper to just buy share off uniswap.

Change twap to the eth pairs to align the protocol to the actual buying and selling market prices used in uniswap

That should be solved by design with the discount. It’s not perfect because a 5% discount one day might not work but will in the next rebase and it gets pushed to more for no economic reason. This was addressed in the algorithm treasury.

No one is hitting the rebase button, so we aren’t getting increased discounts lol smh

Press the button then :slight_smile: It’s a team job.

It occurs in the middle of the night or the middle of the work day for me. My opportunities are near nil. My guess is that applies to a lot of people

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