Change the Bond to Share Ratio

When Robert made the XBond, he chose the split ratio without consulting SHARE holders. In its current form, the Xbond is entitled to 50% of all future USD issuance.

This should have been put to a vote rather than just having Robert choose it.

I am now not sure if Robert has figured out what is the core problem of all this happening? In my opinion, the core of all this is what is the status of $share in this system? I think $share is the core soul of this system. It should be given more value to support the development of this system. A 40% positive revenue share cannot support the core position of $share. If he takes this into consideration, I hope He can give more value support to $share.

for DeFI the core is the liquidity for token
we should incentive LPS of USD and SHARE not only the xbond
xbond seems to be easy money but without enough liquidity it’s money in air
so at this stage shouldt we do the fix on DP protocol
1:a multitier for USD-ETH LPS (or USD-USDC/USDT)
2:SHARE -ETH pair get the new USD WHEN positive peg (% TBD)
so there is should be no free money everything has a peice
the ratio might be
SHARE -ETH pair 60%
XBOND 10%(OR 5% because xbond only redeem for USD when USD price above peg which means they already got the premium of USD )

I’ve updated the language in a new proposal so the changes are clear to both SHARE and XBond holders

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