Asks for community

Some quick updates from core team:

1: CNYx will be the symbol of the new Yuan token. The reasoning is that we want to emulate standard naming convention as much as possible to reduce confusion. YUAN is not a traded symbol in forex so we will be using CNYx. The official name will be “Chinese Yuan Renminbi”. The code for this coin is all done; the last thing before launch will be waiting for our oracle partner to release the data feed. This ETA is within 1 week.

2: xBond modifications are 90% done. More testing will be done over the next week. Accruals work beautifully. 1-1 redemptions are in the last stage of testing. Expect the rollout in the next week or so.

3: Requests for help on development - if you are a developer and can help with solidity and/or testing, we would greatly appreciate your service. We will setting up a development fund treasury that is governed by share holders (in the next update this week of USDx and CNYx). If you are willing and able, please send an email to [email protected]

You can also join the TG Developers Group: Telegram: Join Group Chat

4: To help kickstart demand for the base money currencies, we will be exploring a roadmap for a CDP based alternative system of synthetic assets where users can deposit USDx and CNYx at an overcollateralized rate to mint synthetic assets. Creating utility for the base algo currencies will be of the utmost importance next as it is what provides use drives the proverbial flywheel of supply and demand for algo coins. It is important as a community to discover new and interesting use cases both within the crypto community and outside.


Sounds great Sir. Thanks as always.


We’re doing a wonder job - let’s keep it going :v: