About the Governance param, we should have a new one

Now we use the percent of agree percent to decide the proposal pass or not.
But the 25% is too easy to attack.
From my opinion, we should change the rules about voting. The pass condition should be related to the net win number.

Such as now we have a voting , if the number of disagree is 2000000, then the agree number should more than 6200000 that the proposal could be passed.

The DAO voting rate is low, so if there is a disagreement in the communicity, that must be something wrong.

That’s my proposal, welcome discussion.

imo the follows should be updated ASAP
1 make voting power more fair from attack from whales
2 SHARE in LP also get the voting power
3 key Parameters like % for Seigniorage should pass 2/3 of all valid votes

I think this is more or less what Baggio is saying, but adding some amount of weight to individual wallets is an option I was thinking about. If I understand him correctly hes talking about adding almost another quorum layer, but what uf users themselves carried some kind of baseline value that could be added to the voting power equation. Its probably over complicated, but even some kind of user score that takes into account time held of various assets and even LPs, representing overall participation.

$VALUE protocol has an interesting voting power formula if I recall,. They rely on a staking contract though, but some version of that could also be up for discussion here IMO

now the proposal is something children game which 24 address have voted 4.29m and updated the key parameters
then some one can do it again and again lol i dont think it is good for DP and ant the end this wiil cause chaos
and also cancel of proposal is no cost now? seems not serious gov :sweat_smile:

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That’s the mainly proble every dao community will face. Just need to find out a reasonable way to balance the voting system.

I agree. Based on your suggestion following correlation would make sense: if 25% of total supply is voting for yes, vote will only succeed if less than 25% of those yes-voting share vote for no.